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Wednesday, August 10, 2011; 8:51 PM

gonna end work soon but still wanna say today is really shytie day ttm!!

all de wierdest things happen today has nv ever appear in my past yrs of nursing life..

really LOL.. =.=''

hope tmr will be a better day!!


Tuesday, August 9, 2011; 7:56 PM

its national day..!! yay!! still at work tho.. pfft.. =.=''

just wanna shoutout to those who share this special day as their bday.. the whole nation is celebrating wif u!!

Happy Birthday Singapore!!!

cant talk much..

*dusts off cobwebs* hehex


Somewhere right now a nurse is getting yelled at for being late with meds, holding their bladder because they don't have time to pee, starving because they missed a meal, being peed on, puked on, bled on and is missing their family while taking care of yours. In the minute it took you to read this, nurses all over the world are saving lives.

i wonder how many would think this way?

missing someone right now..

dunno wwhy some patient so irritating.. knowing i hv sore throat still purposely do stuff to make me wanna scold them.. i wan my voice back!!! RAWR!!

at work now~ cant blog too much~ ^^


Sunday, August 7, 2011; 10:57 PM
Have new frens!

well.. lately life has been a rough patch on my health.. guess all de pent up stress has taken its toil on my health.. fever, cough, sore throat,flu... like a big present... except it's not from santa but from all de bugs im exposed to...

made some new frens in maple recently, gotten to noe alex - on nurses day~ 1/8 haha.. random mega and random pm-ing made us frens.. guess he is a nice guy to talk to.. slowly and surely.. he will share his past with me and i hope i can help him tide over de stressful times..

julls,ming,kenken.. are my new zak buddies! woohoo.. lately realise train so hard in de end tio roll back.. might as well enjoy de game and go zak wif buddies! haha.. kinda like it.. =)

last but not least, hope my sore throat faster recover as alot of ppl are waiting for me to sing KTV wif them!! RAWRRRR!! hehex..

Thursday, July 28, 2011; 8:50 PM

Today marks de end of me and baka as close frens.. but we remain as gd frens.. had a hunch it aint going rite.. but well.. life still goes on.. not really tat affected cuz nt major changes.. jus tat.. dont hv to answer to anyone any more~

Tomorrow will be a better day! Moreover, it wasnt realistic from de start.. jus the sudden sweetness died off.. abit wasted.. but i shall look forward into my own future~

Labels: song.. feel it to my bones with her awesome live performance..

I know he will never read this.. i know i shouldn't have flipped thru the pages and looked into de past chapters in my life, but somehow.. i jus clicked and happen to found out that.. the month that we broke up, was de month he start liking another girl..

He is probably interested earlier when we were together ba.. how come he can treat me like tat? am i so good to bully? am i not worth it? NO!!! it is YOU that is not worthy of me.. so go FYL and bad karma follows whoever do wrong to ppl~

Why do i even care to wanna continue being friends? how can he even act natural and even sees me in de eye without feeling remorseful about wad he has done to me? all he knows is just to put the blame on me.. but why? i only told him what a gf's minimum expectations would be...

I agree that all relationships does have sacrifices along the way.. did i love u the wrong way? or did i portray myself as though im not important? many questions running thru my mind now.. i need baka.. but he's asleep lol..

I guess the next best fren is the pillow on my bed while i lay awake tinking hw to let ppl treasure me better!! rawr!


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